Test and Development Center for Welfaretech

    We co-create and develop your solution to provide the highest possible value to the healthcare sector

  • What we are

    The Test- and Development Center help companies develop and test technologies, ideas and businessmodels. We always work with a specific focus on your immediate needs.


    We focus on creating value to the users - your costumers. This is good business for you and higher quality for them.


    We are partly financed by the Municipality of Viborg and the Central Jutland Regional Hospital. Your customers are always close and ready for collaboration.

  • What we offer

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    Is your product or idea relevant to the market you are going for?


    Because your succes is dependent on a strong and succesful collaboration with the municipality and/or hospital we involve our partners in a clarification at a very early stage: Will the municipality or the hospital spend time and ressources to help you?


    If not - your product or idea might not be the right one. No matter what the decision we will give you a qualified response to help you.

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    Needs finding

    It is uncomfortable - but once in a while it makes sense to get out of the office and be challenged by reality... Observational studies, interviews, insights from patients, citizens and employees.


    We offer crash courses in needs finding and validation. Is your idea something that actually has a "fit" in real life?


    We can of course also help you find sites to carry out your studies and we can help facilitate and structure the proces.

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    If you have a clearly defined idea or perhaps a prototype a springboard is the best startingpoint. The springboard is the place where you will be challenged by a focused group of experts within their specific field. They will help you get a 360 degrees tour around your idea/solution. According to your specific needs it might be related to market, clinical documentation, ergonomics, design, businessmodel etc.


    We always start out with a thorough analysis of your concept to find out what elements demand the most attention. We assemble a panel to evaluate the concept and push it forward. After the springboard we devise a report with insights and and a plan for further action.


    We have a partnership with Careware Nordic. This means that we will do a number of springboards at a very favorable price. Contact us if you want to know more.

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    We carry out different kinds of analysis focusing on test in real-life situations. Be it in the clinic, at elderly homes or other relevant settings.

    Normally the focus is on functionality, usability, investment, total value etc. . We do not carry out clinical trials!

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    We are apt in identifying funding opportunities and have a high hit rate. This is mainly because we only write applications where both you and we have a vested interest in a given solution.

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    Development processes from start to end

    Whether your need is related to product development, market development or perhaps even organizational development we can help you get from idea to reality. We do this through specially designed processes drawing on our other services and skilled collaborators. We facilitate the process, find collaborators and open the right doors.   

  • How we work

    Example of a development proces, where some of our services are set in motion.



    Are we the right partner for you?


    Does the hospital/the municipality believe in your concept to a degree that they want to spend time and resources to help you?


    Needs finding

    A workshop with relevant users, patients, citizens, employees will provide direction and focus.


    Observational studies at a elderly care home or hospital. You observe and validate your concept.


    We gather the insights together with you.



    We assemble a panel of dedicated experts to challenge the idea or challenge the insights gathered.



    After the springboard you go home and tweak your product to fit the insights.


    We test the product in a real life setting and provide you with the insights gathered.

  • Who is behind?

    Viborg Municipality and the Central Jutland Regional Hospital has provided the Center with basic funding. We are hosted by Center for Industry and supported by Business Viborg.


    The ambition of the partners is to support the development of solutions directly focused on identified needs in the public sector.

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    Viborg Municipality is one of the most ambitious municipalities in Denmark when it comes to welfaretech. They have enormous experience in testing new products.

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    CFI works within the production industry as a consultancy. Thay have strong experience within eg. 3d printing and will be a strong partner to your company.

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    The Central Jutland Regional Hospital a hospital unit containing Denmarks best medium sized hospital (Viborg), Denmarks best small hospital (Silkeborg) and a top 10 internationally ranked neurorehabilitative Center. Innovation and a strong desire to collaborate with companies is a core DNA.

  • Contact us

    Test og Udviklingscenter for Velfærdsteknologi

    Skottenborg 12-14, 8000 Viborg, DK